Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Next Generation Development Worker in Neighboring Ghana!

We would like to introduce Micayla Rivin, an exceptional high schooler from Needham, Massachusetts, USA. Given her experience in Burkina's neighboring country Ghana, Micayla was chosen to introduce Brenda Gael McSweeney at a recent Distinguished Career Award ceremony at Needham High.

Expressing interest in global development from a young age, Micayla traveled to Ghana as a volunteer to work with children at a rural primary school. She kindly shared the following pictorial representation of her work. Congratulations to Micayla!

Micayla Rivin helping a four year old Ghanaian boy make a hand print. Volunteers worked with a kindergarten class in Ntranoa, a small section of Cape Coast, to make a tree of life that consisted of all 
of the children's hand prints.

Micayla Rivin photographed with two young girls from Kumasi hills, Ghana. Ruphina (7) on the left and Jennifer (4) in the middle, are two girls who attend the Ebeneezer school in Kumasi Hills, Ghana. The volunteers are seen dancing and playing games with the children in the background.

Micayla Rivin holds seven year old Ruphina in this picture. In the background is the edge of the Ebeneezer school where volunteers play games with students. The ratio of girls to boys in primary school in Ghana is 99%!